"Genuine Leather" guaranteed to disappoint (30 seconds to read)

Posted by Daniel Graybill on

If you go out looking for a quality leather product you will not have to search long before you find something proudly proclaiming genuine leather. That product will contain a part of leather but did you know it is also a way the market identifies the lowest quality of leather.  Genuine leather come from the lower weaker portion of the hide.  A false top layer of paint and plastic is embossed on the surface to make it appear like high quality product.  We have all experienced the disappointment of these products when they quickly wear out and end up in trash as the top coating fails and the leather easily tears. 

Factory 529 uses only full grain leather.  This means we uses the strongest tightest grain portion of the hide.  This part of the hide is 100% natural no fillers, paint or plastic to fail and disappoint.  Just leather the way it should be.  

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